Stop the new Beagle puppy animal testing breeding facility!

I need your help in this matter, a new puppy-farm will open in East Yorkshire. with the objective of breeding Beagles for drug test experiments and vivisection in the UK.

The owners of this farm are from US and in size would be the second biggest facility breeding Beagles just for the purpose of being cut open and experiment on them. The other facility breeds 3,000 beagles for animal testing each year and the number of dogs in these one would be just the same.

Let’s take on account that dogs taking part of these kind of experiments are force to be fed through tubes, are 100% strapped while being injected and are made to inhale toxic substances through masks. Most of these experiments are taken while the dogs are awake and suffering.

What they are used for:

TESTING on dogs has led to the safe issue of many important drugs, including

SALBUTAMOL: Prevents asthma attacks.

CARBOPLATIN: Chemotherapy drug commonly used to treat ovarian cancer.

PHENOBARBITONE: used to treat seizures and epilepsy.

BLOOD TRANSFUSIONS: Scientists were able to determine the safe dosage of citrate needed to stop blood clotting during a transfusion by testing on a dog.

INSULIN: Doctors were able to show that insulin could be used to treat diabetes by testing on a dog suffering from the illness.

A lot of known names of industries and celebrities have spoken against this facility. Join Peter Egan, Ricky Gervais, Brian May and others. Sign this petition to demand the government revoke its approval for this horrific facility and let us stop the construction of a new beagle breeding facility for nasty and cruel experiments.

Target: Greg Clark, Secretary of State for Communities and Local government, United Kingdom

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Beagle puppies used for experiments are forced to inhale toxic substances by having masks strapped on their faces and are injected with drugs. Beagles are chosen for their sweet and loving nature. It is disgusting that the government has approved of a facility that will allow this and it is out of step with their movement towards using alternative methods for animal testing.

I am sorry to hear that you are choosing to ignore so many people who know that this is wrong and not in line with the United Kingdom’s stance on animal testing. Please reverse the decision to approve of this facility and stop the cruel fate of thousands of animals.


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Victor Conelly

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  • Testing on animals is wrong in every way. If we need products so desperately then test them on humans.
    Animals are not here for us to use and abuse. Since when are we so superior?
    Breeding animals for the sole purpose of testing defies any logic at all.
    We must start caring more otherwise this planet will self destruct.

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