Punish man that dyed dog in toxic red paint in sick prank!

The video was posted on a page about animal welfare and shows the extent to which people are willing to take to make a joke. They are willing to sacrifice the health of an animal in order to have themselves a nice time and laugh with their friends.

The person on the left is the one that organized the entire prank. He was undergoing some major renovations at his home and a stray dogs passed by so the man thought this would be an ideal situation to mistreat the animal.

He had one of his workers capture the dog and spray him with red paint – which is toxic and could cause severe health damaged if applied on human and animal skin. But that did not matter, as long as he got to film the entire scene and bragged about it to his friends. The worker is just as guilty as the prankster, as he had nothing to say about this, following the order precisely.

The incident took place in Gilan province, Iran. After the job was finished and the dog was entirely painted red (including his eyes), the poor canine was set free and left to blindly roam around a residential neighborhood.

The dog was eventually found by a good Samaritan; it took the kind man over three whole hours to remove the entire pain of the dog’s body, but it was worth it: as soon as he was done, the happy dog started to lick him and jump around in an emotional scene.

Please support this petition to ensure this heartless prankster is brought to justice. He willingly endangered the life of an innocent dog with the sole purpose of entertainment.

Take action and demand justice! Who knows what he will do next if not stopped in due time?

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Chicago City Mayor:

A stray dog was found on the streets after someone dyed the animal’s entire body with pink dye. The poor dog is currently recovering thanks to volunteers at the animal shelter, who say the dog has been vomiting, likely from ingesting the dye.

Whoever did this to an innocent, homeless dog is cruel and heartless. We urge you to do everything possible to find and charge this person with animal cruelty.



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