Let´s end Greyhound Racing in the United States

Dog racing is still a popular activity in some states of the U.S. But behind the racing there are some facts that not many people know, since statistics are been counted, (2008) more than a 1,000 racing greyhounds have perished and over 12,000 have suffered injuries. This includes all types of injuries, from seizures, to paralysis, broken legs and bones, and crushed skulls. Let understand that these are only the mention deaths and injuries, but over the 80,000 greyhounds that were born into dog racing they count for a small part known.

Like we said before, there are still Five states that continue with the activity of dog racing and have actives greyhound tracks. GREY2K USA has released a report called: The first comprehensive report on commercial dog racing in the United States that shows how this industry works from the legal and operational status, and the living issues of greyhounds. Just to mention some highlights, Greyhounds are kept in warehouse-style kennel compounds, in rows of stacked cages, confined for long hours each day, where large greyhounds cannot stand fully erect in dog track cages.

Greyhounds are dosed with illegal drugs, female greyhounds are routinely given anabolic steroids to prevent estrus, and even some dogs have tested positive for cocaine. Also in terms of food and diet, Greyhounds are fed “4-D” meat from diseased animals as a means of reducing costs. The FDA discourages the use of 4-D meat, and prohibits its use in interstate commerce.

We hope you sign this petition to finish once and for all this cruelty to greyhounds and end track racing in the remaining states where it continues. More info in: http://grey2kusa.org/pdf/USreportWeb.pdf

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  • Alabama Governor
  • Arkansas Governor
  • Florida Governor

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Every year thousands of greyhounds are made to race for entertainment. After they have stopped making money, many are then disposed of; some even die on the track. There have been cases of greyhounds having their ears cut off so their owners can't be traced. Greyhounds make wonderful pets as they are gentle and loving, but only few are re-homed after they have retired from racing. All greyhounds truly deserve a loving home, not suffering for people's entertainment. Stop greyhound racing and help to find homes for all greyhounds!

I sincerely hope you will be an advocate for these dogs by supporting this critical piece of legislation that will not only improve animal welfare, but send a strong message to other areas still operating commercial tracks that it's time to close them down.

Let's work to bring a rightful end to dog racing in every state.


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