Create a National Animal Abuse Registry in the United States!

We are half the way to getting an animal abuse registry. In a number of states like Georgia, Michigan, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, New York and Tennesse , and others a registry has been considered an legistators are on the way to decreting a state law.

Between states there are some differences, but the way an animal abuse registry works its simple. Anyone who is considered or known for an animal abuser would have their name, photo and address put on a database in a computer.

This list would help a lot to breeders, shelters and stores to check before they give someone a pet or animal to take them home. This way the store owner could check in the banned list, and stop the transaction if any abuser name appears.

An animal abuse registry would mitigate an ongoing and devastating problem that dominates most of the states: animal cruelty. Studies show that the majority of those who hurt animals remain predisposed to other crimes, especially acts of domestic violence. No human being or animal should be born only to endure extreme suffering.

The only sure way to keep our animals safe is to make sure that a known abuser can’t buy or adopt an animal in any state. So please sign this petition urging Congress to create a national animal abuse registry.

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It is of the utmost priority that each State keep and maintain a registry of all animal abusers. These abusers have been linked to serial killing, domestic violence as well as drug related issues and so forth. This kind of crime breeds other crimes and must be stopped. If we have a national registry of these criminals, we would be able to keep them from ever adopting an animal again, we would be able to look at them first when searching for a serial killer, we would be able to protect those who are victims of domestic violence. It's a new day and our animals need our voice. Please, President Obama, get involved in animal rights and make this happen.
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