Ban Horse-drawn Carriage Rides in Charleston, SC

We need your help in these one, last year we were really close to finishing with Horse-Drawn carriage rides. Let always remember that Animal Rights are only realized when people take the time, show compassion and try on their behalf.

The current system in Charleston is broken, and this situation has passed from a gentle and romantic way of seeing around the city to a horrific way of treating the horses and just having animal labor for touristic enjoyment.

A lot of accidents have occurred, with injuries not only to the horses, but to people and stores. This system is not good, traffic jams are generated and the horses suffer on the job because of noisy vehicles, and there is always at the risk for injury and can be dangerous if they panic.

When we win, and finish with this activity, others cities will take the example and stop this cruel activity once and for all. Let’s stop turning a blind eye.

SIGN AND SHARE THIS PETITION, “like” the Charleston Carriage Horse Advocates Facebook page, and sign and share Savannah’s “Ban Horse drawn Carriages” petition.

If you have signed, please forward or post this petition so we will have sufficient numbers to be able to utilize your signatures and comments and be the voice of humanity for Charleston and Savannah Wagon Horses.

target: Mayor John Tecklenberg, Dan Riccio, Shannon Tilman, Charleston, SC

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We ask the Mayor, Council Members, Tourism officials and hotels to make a commitment to not promote these inhumane horse-drawn carriages in Charleston and to support and pass a bill to ban horse-drawn carriages. There are many humane alternatives to horse-drawn carriages, which can offer well paying jobs and investments. Horses can be relocated to sanctuaries.
Please move your city into the 21st century. If you do, we will once again visit.


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